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  by G-... for Apricot Escort Cologne on 03 October 2018

I booked a 2 hour session through the apricot website 2 days in advance. I was easy going about who and when, but they said it was all up to me, so we confirmed Dana to arrive at 8pm. After 10pm, a lovely girl arrived, who was definitely not Dana from the website. We had a nice night, but the next day, I followed up… ‘why bother confirming a time and place, if you’re just going to send whoever, whenever? – is this normal for you?’ They were immediately super defensive and antagonistic – ‘prove it wasn’t Dana’ (the pictures were very different) and ‘you must never be happy’. (ahh whatever, just why lie?) So, certainly not a premium or reliable service.

  by VI... for Girlsofdelhi on 28 January 2018

I am so glad of this escort thanku very much she give me a amazing services i am fell relex

  by ri... for Elite Miami Escorts on 02 June 2017

Hi I am Rinki Patel, Bangalore escorts belongs to the rare breed of escorts Service providers that have emerged as exciting professional services companies in short span of time. The reason for this growth is not far to seek. We offer a different angle to professional escorts services that is unique, agile and sophisticated.
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  by Mi... for Elite Miami Escorts on 31 July 2016

I met many girls from this agency and they are fantastic! All photos are real and they update the website on a regular basis. The agency and the girls do spectacular job to make you come back for more.

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